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Sheltered housing campaign dates coming up…

Sheltered housing residents from Barnet protesting against Barnet council’s plan to remove wardens from their schemes have a number of important dates coming up. Please get along and support them if you can:

Monday 30 November: demonstrate at 11am outside Conservative party HQ at 30 Millbank; demonstrate 12.15pm outside 10 Downing Street. Supported by GMB and Unison trade unions. Transport is available from Barnet, email wardens@barnettuc.org.uk for details. David Young, Barnet resident and a key organiser of the demonstrations says:

We have got to save our Wardens and sheltered housing for the elderly now, and for our children in the future. The alternative will be to stay at home with your family if you have one, or move into a care home. The party leaders must give us a yes or no answer. In fact, while I am in the area I am also going to drop a letter into Nick Clegg. I’m sure he will be interested in our votes. To all political parties, we say: No Wardens, No Votes!

Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 December: demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, when Barnet sheltered housing residents have their case against Barnet council heard. Demonstration at 10am each morning.

Monday 7 December: national protest for sheltered housing. Assemble: 3pm, Trafalgar Square, march to Downing Street to hand in the national petition at 4pm. Organised by Sheltered Housing UK.


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Barnet council has agreed to hold a two night hearing on the redevelopment scheme for Brent Cross-Cricklewood. The dates are Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November. Official papers for the special Planning and Environment Committee are available here.

The Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood Redevelopment (aka Brent Cross Coalition) will be present at the meeting and will hold a demonstration on the 18th before the meeting begins at 6.30pm at Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, Hendon NW4 4BG. Their website is http://brentcrosscoalition.blogspot.com/.

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With politicians of almost every party telling us that the public services will have to be cut in order to restore the national finances, a number of organisations in Barnet have got together to discuss our response. We have drawn up this draft manifesto for the public services. It sets out an alternative vision saying what we think should happen – public services should be defended and extended. Ordinary people should not have to pay for a crisis they have not caused.

The manifesto is only a draft though. We are inviting interested organisations and individuals in Barnet to discuss it and come up with proposals for improvements: additions, deletions, clarifications. We will finalise the document in the spring and at that point people and groups can decide whether they want to endorse the final document.

You can download the document here. The draft was approved at a meeting representing Barnet council trade unions, Barnet trades council, and a good proportion of the people who have been active with Barnet Community Campaign up till now.

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Barnet Council’s cabinet meeting on 21 October passed the next phase of the Future Shape plans, complete with the idea of easyCouncil queuejumping (for example, for people wishing to use the planning system) for those who can pay extra.

The official documents on this are available here.

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aims to maintain and improve Barnet citizens’ community and services,  is determined to put an end to the destruction of our community – to stop yet more public property falling into private hands  – to stop any more of our services from being cut. In particular it will fight to prevent the council from doing a ‘cut & run’: dropping its entire council service obligations and selling us out to profiteers [the notorious FUTURE SHAPE OF BARNET COUNCIL plan].

supports the actions taken by the council unions and by the Barnet Trades Council to defend jobs and services vital to our community.

will defend local victims of the incompetence and corruption of banks, finance companies and the corporate sector against further attacks, will help citizens of Barnet draw up an alternative plan calling upon the enterprise and imagination of the home-owners and homeless of Barnet, the local shopkeepers, the unemployed, the workers and housewives, the old and the young to SHAPE OUR OWN FUTURE and will fight to create a local administration which is able and willing to take the necessary measures to support and protect its citizens and rescue our community.

is aware that the crisis facing Barnet is the crisis facing the whole world and will play what part it can in becoming a small part of a big solution and ceasing to be part of the problem.

Membership is open to any Barnet resident who supports these aims. Contact BCC c/o 10 Fallow Court Avenue, London N12 0EB or email barnetcc@googlemail.com.

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