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With politicians of almost every party telling us that the public services will have to be cut in order to restore the national finances, a number of organisations in Barnet have got together to discuss our response. We have drawn up this draft manifesto for the public services. It sets out an alternative vision saying what we think should happen – public services should be defended and extended. Ordinary people should not have to pay for a crisis they have not caused.

The manifesto is only a draft though. We are inviting interested organisations and individuals in Barnet to discuss it and come up with proposals for improvements: additions, deletions, clarifications. We will finalise the document in the spring and at that point people and groups can decide whether they want to endorse the final document.

You can download the document here. The draft was approved at a meeting representing Barnet council trade unions, Barnet trades council, and a good proportion of the people who have been active with Barnet Community Campaign up till now.


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